Russian Children's Club is a non-profit organization that aims to promote and support Russian language and culture among children who grow up in England, very often in a bilingual or trilingual environment. Russian children's club started as a musical playgroup "Ladushki". At the moment, apart from the musical playgroup "Ladushki" we also offer after-school classes for older children - Russian language, drama, music and ballet. Apart from these classes, all children can take part in different Russian celebrations throughout the year, primarily  New Year, Shrovetide(Maslenitsa) and the 8th of March. Our festivals are always with live music, and we try to work together with professional Russian musicians to make these events truly memorable to our young audience. We want to make sure that all children who come from a Russian-speaking background know and love Russian language and culture.


You can read more about our classes in "Our classes" section. Although the club is a non-profit organization, classes are not free. Their cost covers the cost of teachers, musicians, room hire and other. For prices please enquire separately.

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Адрес: The Institute Arts Centre, 3 Beaumont Close off the Bishops avenue,

London, N2 0GA
Телефон: 07900687387
Электронная почта: info@ladushki.co.uk
Сообщество: Facebook